Your local newsstand pales in comparison to cyberspace. There are probably more zines out there than people to read them. To help you avoid information overload, we've put together a list of some of the more interesting ones.


  • Dazzler

      a new home for Science Fiction,Fantasy, Technology, Gaming (and Alliteration).

  • S I L O

      Innovative design and fascinating articles culled from a variety of on- and off-line magazines make S I L O as must visit.

  • Furious Green Thoughts

      Music, Movies, Politics, Art & other assorted realities and necessary illusions.

  • Total New York

      Capturing a bit of the excitement of New York through sound, text and live cybercast. Like a wild taxi ride through New York City.

  • Net Books

      A literary magazine published on Time Out's Web site. Features new short fiction by both established and unpublished writers, links to literary sites, and more. Well worth a visit.

  • the electronic salon

      Fiction, poetry, art, politics, and more can all be found at this excellent site.

  • eScene 1996

      All the best from the netzines. The perfect place to get an idea of the quality of fiction and poetry on the Net.

  • The Electronic Newstand

      Features hundreds of "real world" magazines. An excellent place to browse through all of the magazines you've never had a chance to look through.

  • InterText
  • NWHQ

      Dazzling avante-guarde multimedia online magazine. Features art, prose, and poetry.

  • Depth Probe

      Thoughtful essays on life, society, and culture in late-twentieth-century America.

  • HotWired

      Slick, multifaceted interface with the future. Even more dense than the print version. Includes articles from alternative publications around the world, fiction, reviews, products, online chatting, jobs, Wired back issues, and lots more.

  • Shift

      Focuses on new media and culture. Interviews, articles, reviews, and more. Also available in print at better newstands in Canada.

  • Internet World

      Everything you wanted to know about the Internet but were afraid to ask. Monthly magazine tells you what it is, how to do it, and where to go. Also available in print at newstands everywhere. Comprehensive site also includes directories, links, shopping, books, and more.

  • Eye

      Toronto's arts weekly. On the ball and off the wall.

  • Ezine Database

      A comprehensive ezine directory. Includes descriptions, URLs, and contact info.

  • geek

      Hip, alternative publication featuring fiction, poetry, and more. Design and layout veers from cool to crude.

  • John Labovitz's Electronic Magazine List

      A comprehensive listing of all magazines and journals available on the net (via WEB, FTP, or Gopher). Abstracts available.

  • Interface Magazine

      A technology magazine without the technobabble. News, reviews, opinion, fiction, & more.

  • Basilisk

      A quarterly journal of film, architecture, philosophy, literature, music, and perception. Excellent publication.

  • Urban Desires

      Very sleek, well-designed city-style magazine. Arts, music, fashion, fiction, reviews, and more.

  • Dream Forge

      Features DREAM FORGE Lite emagaZine, as well as writer's links, downloadable zines, links to writer's resources, etc.

  • Moondance: Celebrating Creative Women

      Women-focused magazine that highlights the creative work of women.


      More than a zine, it's a multi-media event! ZIPZAP features a poet, artist, writer monthly. We've shown poetry by Kim Addonizio, Denise Duhamel, Jack Gilbert, Dorianne Laux. Interviews with Dorothy Allison, William Vollman, Bruce Benderson. Artwork by Joe Doyle, Kim Thoman, and Ray Dixon. And lots more! On the web since 1994!


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