Are Web 'zines really the last resort of the unpublished and the unpublishable? Are they "irrelevant -- alternative, marginal, and largely unread"?

Not a chance.


THE WEB has been described as a "collection of wannabee talk show guests without an audience". Even worse it has unleashed millions of attention-starved losers on an unsuspecting world. Alone in their basements cranking out pathetic prose on cheap clones, these cyberwimps are using the Web as "a space-age projector for bad poetry and mediocre slide shows".

AND that gives quality 'zines like Circuit Traces a bad rap.

Are Web 'zines really the last resort of the unpublished and the unpublishable? Are they "irrelevant -- alternative, marginal, and largely unread"?

Not a chance. Just as the punk rock explosion of the late seventies turned the world of corporate rock on its head and laid the groundwork for today's so-called "alternative" scene, so today's ezines are undermining the foundations of contemporary publishing and paving the way for a new wave in literature. Sure, most of us won't survive, but the few that do will achieve the near-legendary status of such mainstream rags as Rolling Stone or The Face.


Meanwhile, here at Circuit Traces, some of our contributors have started to get serious. Todd Brendan Fahey, whose marvellous tale of drugs, the Beat Generation, and the ever-ubiquitous CIA -- Wisdom's Maw-- was first excerpted right here in Circuit Traces 1.4, has now had his novel published to rave reviews. "Deliciously paranoid," HotWired'sR.U. Sirius calls it, while the Village Voice wonders "if a movie deal is cooking with the acid."

Vern Smith
is another Circuit Traces contributor now busy promoting his own book, a gritty, streetwise collection of linked short stories entitled Glue for Breakfast.You can read the title story in a recent issue of Circuit Traces.

More dazzling new work can be found in Circuit Traces 3.1. Check out Blue Henry, a finely tuned short story from Peter Damian Bellis, whose collection , One Last Dance With Lawrence Welk, is available from River Boat Books. Praised by Joyce Carol Oates for its "original and compelling style" and hailed as "a real display of virtuosity" by Jonas Agee, One Last Dance With Lawrence Welk shows once again why Circuit Traces is the Web's best source of new and compelling fiction.

xconnect -- writers of the information age. This collection features several Circuit Traces contributors including Tom Harper, William Lantry, Ray Heinrich, and Richard Fein. The Skin of Culture
This brilliant analysis of technology and culture from Marshall McLuhan's heir apparent, Derrick de Kerckhove was excerpted in Circuit Traces 1.4.

Sex, Age, & the Last Caste.
Futurologist Larry Taub summarized the main points of his unique three- stage model of history -- both past and future -- in Circuit Traces 2.3.


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